A Prelude to Eternity

November 10, 2009 at 4:32 am Leave a comment

(Published in Shades of Gray: Split-second Eternities – the official literary folio of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde)

‘In one world, time is circular, its people fated to repeat triumph and trial over and over and over again…in another, men and women try to capture time – which appears as a nightingale – in a bell jar…in yet another there is no time, only frozen moments.’
– Alan Lightman

To witness things as if it were for the first time: you would, in all certainty, see things as if through the yes of a poet, as if caught in the bliss of infinity, devoid of time or reason…

Time is a concept invented by unnamed geniuses for convenience and organization. With time, we lead a life following a precise schedule for everything. Time decides the moment you need to arise from the comfort of sleep, determines when you need to be standing beneath that lamp post to catch the early bus of the say, and calculates how many minutes you need to spare at the breakfast deli so your boss won’t subject you to the repercussions of tardiness. Time determines the beginning and the period of persistence of things. It also is a cruel reminder that all tangibles are momentary and ephemeral.

However, the clouded truth of our existence is that time, like space and matter, is an illusion within which we reside. The space between a second, contrary to what is understandable and known, is not infinitely small but eternally immeasurable. You will, if you please, experience this truth if you closely contemplate how and hour seems to stretch to near eternity when you are caught in the bliss of a sudden enlightenment, an initial glimpse of a beauty unknown, a first heavenly encounter, a first kiss…

In the world of poets, the realities of split-second eternities are realized. In the world of poets, time is a phantom: it can never imprison you.


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