The horrors of Holy Week

February 21, 2010 at 3:01 pm Leave a comment

I am probably the sole person who despises summer. This attributing to the fact that I am disgusted with the sun and how I have always believed that sand and surf are overrated. Not to mention the dreaded Holy Week–seven painful days of guilt-trips and penance only for people to revert back to their un-Christian ways as soon as Easter commences.

Oh, I know I am such a hateful wretch.

Friends have planned a Holy Week escape–some backpacking adventure to bail out of the horrors of being stranded at home with 7th Heaven marathon running for 48 hours and bloodied images of Jesus plastered under your nose, making you somehow wonder whatever happened to the very Christian virtue of love and forgiveness and how the images of the murdered Christ scream otherwise.

I remember writing a critical essay on The Passion of the Christ and the idiosyncrasies of the Catholic Church in terms of the display of the bloodied and grotesque representations of Jesus. The essay was published in the college paper, under my monthly column, and a professor of religion blatantly accused me of heresy and even atheism. My father still lectures me on the issue from time to time.

God has been portrayed as this Omniscient Being who strikes down on any unfortunate soul who fails to do His will in accordance to what religion dictates.

But God, I think, while being a complex idea that surpasses human intelligence, is a kind, ever-forgiving god who never judges, never punishes and never hates.

Religion, personally speaking, is just around to confuse the faithful.

And I can almost hear my father–who was almost a priest until he packed his bags and ran away from the seminary after deciding on becoming a doctor–lecturing me and vehemently saying that unless I change my idiotic ideology, that my soul is very much hell-bound.

Hell. How it conflicts with the very idea of God as a God who loves and ever forgives. But of course, that is another argument.

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Holy Horrors 905, 657 reasons not to hang yourself tonight

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