List of Lusts on a Tuesday

March 23, 2010 at 9:25 pm Leave a comment

Today is Wishlist Tuesday and it only figures because I am ditch-rat poor as we speak and I am crossing my fingers for an overseas job in the immediate future (imagine wearing a mafia coat to work, a mushroom of fog smoke coming out from the O of your mouth, booted feet kicking flame-hued leaves at an October picnic, carrot-nosed snowmen with ten gallon hats and thrifted scarves, honey-colored children with marble eyes. )

All right, here is a little list of things I lust after:

1. A Holga. Lomo cams are scorned by ‘pro’ photographers for producing saturated, blurred and gritty shots. But I am not listening.

Personally, lomo-produced photos influence this happy, dreamy impression and, best of all, with a lomo in hand, one doesn’t have to crack his brains over the rocket-science of F-stop rules.

And yes please for these! (I don’t mind wallpapering my bedroom walls with lomo photos):

[ Source ]

2. A sleeve tattoo. I glorify and think the world of girls who have the spunk and the commitment to stick to the immutable decision of getting a permanent tattoo. My mother was furious and later broken-hearted when I had a minuscule cherry inked on my left foot to conceal a freckle. But the cherry is but a beginning of a series of inked art to come (ironically, the cherry metaphorically represents a ‘first time’).

I would love to have something similar to Twinkie Chan‘s sleeve tattoo (I love you, Daddy but I am no longer sixteen):

[ Source ]

[Note to Robbie: Get your pink tako and I’ll get a ‘threats for breakfast’ on my rib!]

3. A GaGa Hairbow. Gawkers can gawk all they want at the grocery store, on a train home, down the avenue from work on a lunch hour, at a bookstore peeping between shelves and I won’t give a womp rat’s ass.

GaGa is my superhero.

4. The Jack Kerouac Collection [Box Set]. I want to time-travel back to the 50s beat movement era and lip-lock with Kerouac at the backseat of a tortured Hudson, beaten and old from road travels happening from days on end.

The Jack Kerouac Collection is a triple-disc box set centered on the reissue and restoration of Jack Kerouac’s three long-players: Poetry for the Beat Generation (1959), Blues and Haikus (1959), as well as Readings by Jack Kerouac on the Beat Generation(1960). ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

Wow. This post is late. Blame it on my double life as a corporate whore in pinstripe wear and Adidas Sambas. Also, news has it that a tropical depression has been sighted East of Visayas and rainfall should be expected in Metropolis Manila by Thursday.

El Niño, at the this point, can kiss my ass.

♥ ♥ ♥

I am working on peace of mind and absolute disregard for misery-courting what-have-yous. It is still far off in the horizon but I’m getting there. And to You-Know-Who-You-Are, I am not crying forever :P.


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Song scientist: The heartless romantic Poetry is my superhero

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